Fast, casual dining on the Downtown Mall

About Us

When we opened Eppie's in 2006, our goal was to offer quality food in a fun, casual setting at an affordable price. We’re doing our best to do that every day.

But since then, and even more importantly, we’ve become a part of the community. When we look around the restaurant and see familiar faces at most of the tables, it feels great. When we see kids that used to be in strollers running around eating mac and cheese and pumpkin bread, that’s even better.

Eppie's is named for our father’s father, the original Eppie: Isaac “Eppie” Epstein. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
 - Dan and Charles Epstein

Patio! Jerk chicken, mac & cheeese, collard greens, and cornbread Thursday turkey meatloaf with mac, broc, and cornbread chicken curry salad penne pesto tarragon chicken salad tortellini with pink sauce and spinach the Daily salad Friday special chicken and dumplings the Santa Monica salad Tuesday turkey chili Patio!